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Reputable Home Remodeling Contractors In Santa Rosa California

Home Remodeling Contractors In Santa Rosa

There are many home remodeling contractors in Santa Rosa, and that can make it a challenge for homeowners to discern whether they’ve found the right contractor for their needs. ...

Top Home Remodeling Contractors In Petaluma

Top Home Remodeling Contractors In Petaluma

Remodeling a home in Petaluma can be a daunting prospect when you consider the time, money and commitment a whole-home remodel project requires. You need to choose a trusted home remodeling contractor in Petaluma like LEFF Construction Design Build, to ensure a successful completion...

The Best Home Remodeling Contractors In Healdsburg California

Choose Home Remodeling Contractors In Healdsburg California

Home remodeling work brings the best return on investment when it is done with the guidance of a local expert. For decades, homeowners in Healdsburg have chosen LEFF Construction Design Build for their whole home remodeling projects....

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Santa Rosa

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Santa Rosa

A beautifully remodeled kitchen can transform the way you and your family live in your home. The kitchen becomes the center gathering place, drawing family and friends to cook together, eat, visit, and create lifelong memories. ...

Home Contractors In Windsor

Home And Kitchen Remodeling Contractors In Windsor

At LEFF Construction Design Build, you have access to an experienced team of home remodeling contractors in Windsor who are expert at delivering your kitchen remodeling project on time and on budget....

Kitchen Remodeling In Healdsburg

Kitchen Remodeling In Your Sonoma County Home

A kitchen remodel is an excellent way improve the functionality and enjoyment of the most important room in your home, and it can also increase the value of your property....

Whole Home Remodeling In Healdsburg

Superior Whole Home Remodeling In Healdsburg

LEFF Construction Design Build has been providing design–build whole-home remodeling and contracting services to Healdsburg and throughout Sonoma County....

Whole Home Remodeling Contractor In Santa Rosa And Sonoma County

Get Whole Home Remodeling Sonoma County

As families grow, change, and adapt, they often find that their home no longer fits their needs: more children come along, or the kids are grown and are leaving home. Aging parents may move in with their adult children and grandchildren to blend into a...

Kitchen Remodeling Company Santa Rosa California

Choose Kitchen Remodeling Company Santa Rosa

At LEFF Construction Design Build, we know your kitchen is often the heart of your home. It’s where meals are prepared and shared, family and friends gather and memories are made....

Accessory Dwelling Unit designed and built by LEFF Construction Design Build

Granny Units: Accessory Dwelling Units and Jr. Accessory Dwelling Units

ADUs and Jr. ADUs: Adapting Your Home for Multigenerational Living

If your family needs to help house elderly parents, grown children or welcome multigenerations to live under one roof, LEFF Construction Design Build may have a solution. Founded in 1978, LEFF has been bringing efficient, sustainable...

after the fires its ok to remodel like this darling bird bringing new twigs to birdhouse

After the Fires: It’s OK to Remodel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] AFTER THE FIRES: IT’S OK TO REMODEL Out of the hundreds of phone calls LEFF Construction Design Build received during and immediately after the fires of October 2017, a surprising theme began to emerge. It went something like this: “We know that you’re probably really busy rebuilding...

LEFF construction fountaingrove the Berry family pose in front of a tractor for ground breaking

Rebuilding One Year Later: Universal Design Home for Fountaingrove Family Breaks Ground

UNIVERSAL DESIGN HOME BEGINS CONSTRUCTION LEFF Construction Design Build is thrilled to announce the start of construction on the firm's first fire rebuild project in Fountaingrove. Breaking ground on the Skyfarm Drive property was an emotional milestone for Liz and David Berry and their two children, John,...

Four Easy Steps to Finding a Great Home Remodeling Contractor in Sonoma County

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] You’ve dreamed of remodeling your home and the time has finally come to choose a home remodeling contractor. A quick internet search returns dozens of hits, so how do you choose the right one? Be aware that beautiful project photos are not enough. Whether or...

LEFF Awarded Guildmaster with Distinction Award from GuildQuality

LEFF CONSTRUCTION DESIGN BUILD OF SEBASTOPOL, CA RECOGNIZED AMONG THE TOP CUSTOMER SERVICE LEADERS IN THE RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY GuildQuality’s 2018 Guildmaster Award Honors LEFF Construction Design Build Sebastopol CA • April 4, 2018 LEFF Construction Design Build received a 2018 Guildmaster Award with Distinction from GuildQuality for...

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